How to Build Residual Income For Life

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In this article I will give you some solid information on how Residual Income for Life through delegation is built. I hope that it will help you in making the right choice when it comes to selecting a home business model for yourself.

Were you aware that it’s possible to build up a life long residual income from others efforts? And that it’s absolutely legal, ethical and most importantly it is a legitimate way for building wealth? Well, it is very possible because there are numerous people who have already done it, many more are doing it and there are just as many waiting for the opportunity to start.

When you delegate the responsibility to sell a product to one of your recruits that you brought into your organization, and that person closes a sale, you are in a position to profit from that same transaction by receiving a small percentage of the proceeds from that sale, without having to practically do a thing. After an organization of thousands is built in this manner, it isn’t difficult to imagine how much personal income you’re able to generate with this amazing concept.

It’s true that there have been those in the past, who have abused the system of residual income giving this industry kind of a bad name. Fortunately for all those who swear by this concept, ever since then a multitude of companies most notably, Stanley Home Products, Avon and numerous others, have rediscovered the secret of sales delegation and the cash has since then been steadily growing and flowing in.

The concept is really quite simple surprisingly…here’s how it works: Person (A) signs up to sell the company’s product/s and/or service/s and in addition to doing so, person (A) also sponsors others to do the same, thus building a sales team to work under person (A) . While person (A) concentrates on making sales in his or her own sphere of influence, person (B) who was sponsored into the company, is doing the same in his or her sphere of influence. Because person (B) would never have known about the company, the business or how to do the job for that matter, a small percentage of the profits that are generated by person (B), is paid to person (A), the sponsor of person (B) . After a while, person (B) also sponsors others, bringing in person (C) to do exactly the same thing. In the same way that person (B) owes person (A) the small percentage of their sales proceeds, person (C) will also pay person (B) the same percentage. The company by the way, takes care of all income calculations and sends the generate income to it’s distributors. In addition, person (C) will also pay a smaller percentage to (A), and that just for the fact that if it were not for person (A), neither person (B) nor person (C) would have found the opportunity to be making a great residual income.

But it gets even better. Imagine now what happens when person (A) doesn’t stop there and sponsors people from (B1) through (B100) ! The possibilities for sales and residual income are astronomical! Very soon, person (A) wouldn’t need to rely on selling the product/s and/or service/s to make an income. Instead, they can just relax, lay back and receive the residual income that’s generated by the sales team under them, persons (B), (C) and so on down the line.

And what’s more, you don’t have to stop there. After having built up a strong network of sales people all working for you with one company bringing in a handsome residual income and having gained the confidence and the experience needed, you can do the same with several other companies…as many as you want. If you’re a sales minded person who has great people skills, you can easily take advantage of those skills and build up any number of very profitable residual income networks. An important aspect for continued success, is working with companies that offer good quality products and/or services that are in demand by as many people as possible, have generous compensation plans in place and at the same time you should choose those that are not already too crowded with sales people. When the company already has too many distributors, you will soon find out that your only way of making an income is by selling the product and/or service.

This business method of increasing residual income through the delegation of responsibilities of sales, is known as (MLM) or Multi Level Marketing. it is the preferred business model by most sales people. It is also considered the only true and most profitable method of creating wealth within the sales domain.

If you want to create income for life through residual income and the Multi Level Marketing business model appeals to you, visit relevant pages on reputable sites, and go from there. You’ll find more articles with information on this fascinating subjet, references to a couple of the very best companies doing business on the Internet as well as resources like traffic generation, on-line marketing courses, some advice, etc.

Thank you for reading my article and I wish you much success in building residual income for life.

Manuel A. DaCosta is a successful Network Marketer and website owner who has been working from home since 1998. All this time he has been helping people start and succeed in their work from home online businesses through On-line Jobs, namely Global Data Entry, Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing. He has recently started writing home business articles to further help others who are searching for better ways to earn generous incomes.

Top 10 Effortless Ways to Save Money

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10. Read online!

Although reading is a really admirable habit, buying or subscribing to a number of magazines isn’t really the most practical hobby in the world. If you always pick up magazines at your favorite newsstand or supermarket, you might want to stop doing it to save a little money especially if you have a reliable Internet connection. You’ll be surprised that most of the articles printed in magazines can be found on the web. If you are used to buying three $3 magazines a month, you can save $108 a year if you just surf the web instead. You will also help the environment by going paperless.

9. Tips ahoy!

In some countries, tipping is compulsory. In others, it is optional. There’s nothing wrong with tipping. In fact, it is very admirable. Whether you’re at a restaurant or a car wash, giving a generous tip for excellent service is not something to be ashamed of. You must remember, however, that you have to tip wisely. You may be giving away too much money. A 10 to 15 percent tip is enough for a job well done.

8. Special offer!

One of the most practical things that many people refuse or fail to do is take advantage of the discounts and promos that establishments offer. For instance, if you like hanging out in a bar with your friends, always ask if they are offering any promos at the moment. Instead of buying six bottles of beer one at a time, you might want to buy a bucket for discounted rate. Promos are ubiquitous today and it is such a shame that many people do not take advantage of them.

7. Buy in bulk!

Most people buy things only when they feel the need to. For example, you might only buy a roll of toilet paper when you run out of it. What you don’t realize is that you could have saved much money had you purchased in bulk. Whenever you can, purchase items in bulk. It is an excellent way to save money. It is also a great strategy to survive emergencies. You must bear in mind, however, that the only things you should buy in bulk are those that do not spoil easily. You’ll be wasting money if you end up throwing your stuff away.

6. Cook!

We understand that you are tired after a whole day of work but you would really be doing yourself a favor if you stop eating out and cook your food yourself. Eating out sounds really appealing because it makes your life easier but it makes you poorer, too. Having no time is not an excuse. Reserving 30 minutes of your night for the preparation of your meal wouldn’t hurt, would it? How much do you spend on a cup of Starbucks coffee every morning? How much would you have been spending had you chosen to buy a pack of 3-in-1 coffee instead? Do the math and see the difference.

If you are not so gifted with culinary skills, go online and train yourself using the many recipes that can be found on the net.

5. Don’t baby yourself!

If you always find yourself rummaging through your apartment for misplaced coins because you always run short of money, you don’t have the right to treat yourself with excessive indulgences. For example, many people today get addicted to gadgets. If you are that type of person, you might find yourself spending much more than you intended to. Gadgets are incredibly addictive and they can own you in no time if you get hooked on them. The craze does not stop at purchasing. You will likely find yourself wanting to upgrade your “toys” and as they become outdated, you will be tempted to buy newer models. The bottom line is that you can’t become a tech junkie if your pockets are always empty.

4. Got generics?

Most of the time, the only difference between generic and brand name products is the price. The next time you go shopping, don’t be hypnotized by product labels. Oftentimes, branded products only have more colorful and attractive packaging but this doesn’t necessarily translate to quality. Instead of going to a grocery store with a specific brand in mind, check out all the products on display and compare their prices. It is very likely that although the packaging is ugly, store brands offer a much better deal than those manufactured by giant companies. Do you think your teeth care suffers if the toothbrush you are using is not made by a prominent company? Do you think the cockroaches in your house are more scared if the insect spray you use has a cute little jingle on TV? Do you think your paper cares if the pen you use is endorsed by Jessica Alba?

It also applies to pharmaceuticals. At the pharmacy, you’ll be surprised to know that medicine with brand names cost a lot more than their generic versions even though the dosage, ingredients and effectiveness are identical.

3. Scrap the plastic!

Oftentimes, owning so many credit cards does not show how wealthy you are but how stupid you are. Having a credit card is not bad – not at all. In fact, it can be very beneficial especially at times when you run out of cash and you really need to purchase something. However, if you have cash, why use your plastic? Ideally, you should use your credit card only during an emergency. Credit cards give you an illusion that you can buy anything in the world. You’ll only realize how messed up you are when the bills arrive and you see your debt pile up. Before you know it, the only thing you can pay is the interest. You should also limit yourself to just one credit card. Having several credit cards means more hassles in bill payments and more stress.

2. Quit bad habits!

If you’re a smoker, you might be coughing up loads of cash monthly. A pack of cigarettes may be relatively cheap but if you calculate all the money you spent for packs of cigarettes you purchased in a month, you’ll be surprised to find out that you are spending a lot on something that could kill you. Say that a pack costs $5 and you consume one pack a day. That works out to a total monthly investment of $160.

Drinking and getting drunk also leaves your pockets empty. How money bottles of beer and glasses of cocktails do you consume in one sitting? How much do they cost? How often do you drink within a month’s period? Answer these questions and do the math. Not to mention that some people tend to be more generous, treating their friends, when they are drunk.

1. List ’em down!

When it comes to saving money, nothing beats establishing a personal budget. It is important to know how much money comes in, how much goes out and where it goes. Monitoring your expenses will help you realize why you always end up as broke as ever even when you just received your pay check the day before. Once you have your incoming and outgoing money list prepared, you will identify what your problem areas are. It will make you see what things eat up most of your budget and what items you fail to prioritize. Without a budget, it is very difficult to save money.

Saving money is easy if you only have knowledge of how to do it and the discipline to achieve it. Some things in life are expensive but having a luxurious lifestyle doesn’t follow. You can save loads of cash if you know where to begin. The ten tips above will surely help you get started.

KitchenAid Food Processors

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Food processors gave a new definition to cooking since the time they were introduced, making cooking easier, more hygienic and less time consuming. Food processors comprise of mixers, grinders and crushers which are all compactly combined in one machine.

The food processors are a great aid for housewives, professional cooks and the people who are in the profession of cookery. There are many food processors available in the market ranging from basic to smart models, but it is up to the customer to choose a model meeting his demands and requirements. Some of the newer versions of food processors are mentioned below to give an idea of the new technologies and innovation in food processors.

Kitchen Aid offers innovative and smart products for the modern kitchen. Its products range from cook tops and wine cellars to stand mixers and more. But the company has earned great market value and reputation in food processors. Kitchen Aid offers smart food processors at a reasonable price. Some of the newer versions of food processors introduced by Kitchen Aid are mentioned below to give you an idea of the new technology and innovation in food processors.

KitchenAid 12 Cup Food Processor Chrome KFP750CR is an ideal model for the creative chef; this processor features generous capacity, a powerful motor, and two feed tubes – a tall feed tube that accommodates long food items with minimal sectioning and a narrow tube perfect for single carrots and celery. This food processor is one of the most advanced food processors recently introduced in the market and it offers many attachments and has a clean touch control pad.

KitchenAid 12 Cup Food Processor Onyx Black KFP750OB features a 4-cup mini bowl with mini blade which transforms the food processor into a mini chopper and it has a Powerful induction motor which produces consistent results. With this processor, you also get a recipe guide book and a spatula cleaning tool.

KitchenAid Chef’s Chopper Series 3-Cup Capacity Onyx Black Food is a cheap food processor available in the market. This stylish food chopper features a reverse spiral action stainless steel blade for precise chopping and a 3-cup work bowl with a domed lid. It boasts of stainless steel multipurpose blade chips and crystal clear polycarbonate bowls for toughness and durability.

Alex Rodriguez is Getting a Divorce – Big Trouble For a Big Player – FAQ’s

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Question 1: Why are the parties getting divorced in Florida instead of New York state?

The parties maintain residences in both New York state and Florida. Consequently, they may have been able to file in either jurisdiction. Cynthia Rodriguez may have chosen Florida to file her divorce petition because of the parties postnuptial agreement. In New York state, it is much more difficult to challenge and vacate a postnuptial or ante-nuptial agreement than it is in Florida. Although challenging an ante-nuptial agreement in Florida is no “walk in the park”, it is certainly easier then doing so in New York state.

Question 2: If Florida is a no-fault divorce state, then why is Cynthia Rodriguez talking about all the shortcomings and alleged bad actions/faults of her husband?

In every divorce case, there is a battle of imagery. In the battle of imagery, one side is trying to paint themselves out as a victim of the bad actions of the other spouse. In her divorce petition, Cynthia Rodriguez has stated clearly that the divorce is caused by the emotional abandonment of her and her children by Alex Rodriguez. She also has clearly stated that the marriage has been irrevocably broken because of the husband’s extramarital affairs and other marital misconduct. Although Florida is a no-fault divorce state, the issues of emotional and physical abandonment of the family would be relevant evidence in terms of custody and visitation issues. In addition, in Florida if an affair diminished the assets of the marital estate or income of the parties during the marriage, then the evidence of adultery can be entered into evidence in order to recover dissipated assets or income. On a more subtle basis, Cynthia Rodriguez is attempting to win the heart and mind of the judge who will be in charge of her case. Judges consciously attempt to remain neutral. However, judges are no different then any other human being in terms of subconscious influences.

Question 3: What is the likelihood that Cynthia Rodriguez will obtain alimony from her husband?

Under Florida law, this is a short-term marriage with a presumption that she should not receive long-term alimony. However, she is on the cusp of becoming a gray-area marriage where she may quality for permanent alimony payments. Her divorce petition makes it clear that Alex Rodriguez provided her and their children with an extremely lavish lifestyle. The ante-nuptial agreement also may limit the ability of Cynthia Rodriguez to obtain alimony. Nevertheless, she has indicated clearly that A-Rod has provided a lavish lifestyle for her children. Consequently, she may attempt to obtain a very generous award of child support in order to continue to fund indirectly some portion of her former lifestyle.

Question 4: What impact will the ante-nuptial agreement have on the divorce?

Currently, the public does not know the terms of the ante-nuptial agreement. This ante-nuptial agreement was signed subsequent to the marriage between Alexander and Cynthia Rodriguez. Generally, these agreements do not come into existence unless there is some restriction on alimony and/or division of the marital assets of the marital estate in the event that there is a divorce. Presumably, the legal team for Cynthia Rodriguez (consisting of two attorneys from Texas and two attorneys from Florida) will be carefully analyzing the ante-nuptial agreement to establish if there is any way that they can attack and vacate it. If they believe that they can do so, then they will move to strike down or vacate the ante-nuptial agreement. If they’re unsuccessful in the attempt, then the ante-nuptial agreement may, in fact, limit if not eliminate, Cynthia Rodriguez’s claims for permanent alimony and equal distribution of the marital estate.

Question 5: What can we expect to happen next?

The next major battle between the parties will be the establishment of temporary alimony for the wife and child support for the children. Even if Cynthia Rodriguez signed a valid ante-nuptial agreement, the court still has the authority to provide her with temporary alimony while the divorce is pending. The wife’s attorneys will be attempting to gain as generous an award as possible as a form of temporary relief. The next battle may be the wife’s attack upon the ante-nuptial agreement.